15 B - Americana  - Complete Collection

15 B - Americana - Complete Collection

15 B - Americana  - Complete Collection

This collection consists of colors produced in both 12 mil and 20 mil wear layers. 

The 12 mil material is an economic choice for: 

  • Rental properties
  • High turnover spaces
  • Flip houses
  • Spaces that require a cost effective option without sacrificing quality.

The 20 mil material is an upgraded option, with a thicker wear layer. This material is recommended for: 

  • High traffic areas
  • Homes with pets or kids.

You can also mix the 2 wear layers since the thicknesses are the same by installing 12 mil in low traffic areas such as closets and 20 mil in high traffic area such as Living Rooms.

This collection gives you many options you rarely find to mix wearlayers while maintaining a consistent color.

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