Complete Collection

Complete Collection

Complete Collection

This collection is made up of our existing colors but has different specs.  

  • 5.5mm thickness (4mm + 1.5 IXPE Pad)
  • Random (EIR) Embossed in Register Finish

This is our Medium Variety Pattern collection.  

These colors mimic an array of different species, patterns and colors of American hardwoods.

The Medium variety between the planks creates a solid base for an endless color scheme match.

This collection is only available in 20 mil Random Embossed in Register (EIR) finish.

  • This 20 mil material is a perfect & economical choice
  • High End Rental / Lease properties
  • Homeowner occupied spaces
  • Low Turnover spaces that require a durable flooring
  • Kid and Pet friendly

This collection is Made in the USA

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