Retailer / Distributor Displays

Retailer / Distributor Displays

Retailer / Distributor Displays

We offer a variety of Sample Board configurations. 

You can even create your own collection and we will provide you just the sample boards you like in groups of 12, 24 or 36!  

Our low profile display racks are easier on your back . You can see every color from the front and top!

We offer strap sets to match all of our boards. These strap sets are perfect for mobile showrooms, contractors, and designers who are doing in home consultations. Just be sure to double check the pattern and color variation before you commit. See our Blog on Why Variety? for more info on patterns, colors and variety. Display Boards sets are FREE of charge with a completed New Account Form. 2 Sets of Strap Sets of your choice are FREE with a Completed New Account Form. There are so many to choose from that you can always stand out from the competition. 

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