SPC Anatomy

SPC Anatomy

SPC Anatomy

Posted April 22, 2023

What is SPC? Lets take a look at it from bottom to top.

Pad- Our pad is IXPE (Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam). IXPE is a very fine closed-cell foam that prevents your flooring from molding, bacteria, mildew and rot. This pad absorbs sound, adds comfort with no extra underlayment needed.

Core- On top of the pad lies its core, a Stone Polymer (Plastic) Composite. This keeps the plank rigid and stable.

Film- A high quality print of the color film lays on top of the core.

Wear layer- This sheet prevents UV damages and color fading, protects against scratches, easy to clean and stain resistant. The thicker the Wear layer the more protection to the color of the floor.

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