SPC Maintenance & Care Info

SPC Maintenance & Care Info

SPC Maintenance & Care Info

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SPC Maintenance & Care Info:

When properly maintained and cared for SPC flooring will keep its great look for years. One of the most important yet overlooked ways to keep spc flooring in good condition is to allow for the proper room climate. A room temperature should always be between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity range of between 30% - 50% at all times. You may need to use a humidifier or a dehumidifier to maintain these conditions.

Immediately after installation perform your first cleaning to remove construction dust and debris. Never use a Steam Mop

● Dry vacuum to remove construction dust.

● Mop with a DAMP mop with only tap water.

● Allow to fully dry.


● Treat the flooring like it was installed yesterday and it will retain its beautiful look as long as possible. Every flooring wears differently depending on the use of the flooring by the end user.

● Dust, dirt, grit and rocks can be your floor's worst enemy leading to scratches.

● Keep pots including flower pots off spc flooring.

● The cleaner you keep the flooring, the less wear and tear your floor will sustain.

● How much wear and tear flooring sustains will GREATLY impact its life span.

● Daily sweeping and/or vacuuming is recommended. If the vacuum has a beater bar (rotating bristle brush) turn it off. If you cannot turn it off, do not use this vacuum on spc flooring as it will scratch the surface of the flooring. 

● After sweeping and/or vacuuming we strongly recommend twice per week a complete cleaning of spc flooring. Some floors require more frequent cleaning, depending on foot traffic, the space the flooring is located in (residential or commercial) , where the space is located (dry climate, muddy climate, rocky soil conditions outside, etc).

● Start out with a brand new mop head to go with your brand new flooring to avoid transferring anything to your new flooring that could scratch it.

General Cleaning:

● Start with your brand new mop head.

● Only use this brand new mop head on the spc flooring, not on other flooring around the space to avoid transferring items which may scratch spc.

● Add tap water to the soft mop head. Only cleaners designed for SPC vinyl flooring should ever be used. If you aren't sure, don't use it! Do not use mop and shine, bleach or ammonia products.

● Ring out approximately 90% of the water from the mop head. This should leave a DAMP mop, not a wet one.

● Rinse out your mop often in a separate water source so you are mopping with clean water, do not recycle dirty water, eventually this will cause scratches to the flooring when dirt, debris and/or rocks become trapped in the mop head. 

● The small amount of moisture should evaporate in 60 seconds or less from your flooring during cleaning. If it takes longer than 60 seconds, you used too much water. Get a towel, wipe up the excess water and try again.

Spot Cleaning

Staining and discoloration can still occur regardless of how strong the top layer of spc flooring is. This can occur from spills of acidic liquids or other chemicals and /or substances.

If general cleaning does not give the desired results, try adding a few drops of dish washing liquid in a bucket of warm water and clean the area. Rinse with clean water, repeat if desired.

● Food stains, including mustard, ketchup, tomato sauce can often be removed by making a paste of baking soda and water. Gently rub JUST the stain with the paste until it is clean. Rinse with clean water, allow to dry.

● Paint, marker pens, crayons, nail polish, lipstick, hair dyes and more stubborn stains caused by pigment can be lightened if not cleaned by applying Isopropyl Alcohol onto a clean cloth. Apply the cloth to JUST the stain, rise with clean water, and allow it to dry. Use an SPC floor cleaning agent, if a residue remains.

**Always use a spare plank to test a new cleaning agent or technique

How to help keep your floors looking like new as long as possible.

SPC is scratch resistant but no pvc based flooring is scratch proof or damage proof. These products are still made with plastics that can and will become dull and scratched over time, even with light use.

● Floor Protectors are your friend

● Remove any metal or hard plastic caps from the bottom of existing furniture legs.

 ● Replace metal or hard plastic caps with non-abrasive felt floor protectors.

● Every 3 months, clean the felt protectors to remove any dirt, hair, grit, rocks, or any debris that may become embedded in them.

● Heavy furniture and/or appliances should be equipped with large non-staining rests made for heavy furniture.

● Never slide or roll furniture or appliances across the floor, lift and carry. Always use a furniture dolly with at least 1/8" thick piece of plywood to move furniture. Furniture should never touch the floor directly.

● Walk off Mats are worth the cost

● Place non-staining walk -off mats at doors leading in from outside areas to reduce tracked dirt, grime, and debris.

● Select mats with a NON-RUBBER backing. Mats should be breathable and not trap moisture under the mat.

● Use a rug in front of the kitchen sink and in the bathroom(s) to catch water.

● Area Rugs only protect what they cover

● Only use area rugs with a natural material backing (natural felt)

● Select rugs with a NON-RUBBER backing. Rugs should be breathable and not trap moisture under the rug.

● Every 3 months move the rugs to a new spot to avoid creating a protected area that will not age the same as the rest of the flooring. Close curtains or blinds to limit direct sun exposure

● Pets can do a lot of damage very quickly - wipe up spills and/or pet waste immediately. 

 ● Keep all pets' nails clipped.

● Any pet running across the floor can and will scratch the finish.

● Inspect your flooring often to repair, clean, and address any issue before it becomes worse.

● Removing scuff marks is possible

● Use a tennis ball or pencil eraser to gently rub the plank in the direction of length of the plank.

● Weight matters - spc flooring is rated not to exceed 250 psi

● Wheelchairs and caster wheels are not recommended on any spc flooring, as they exceed 250 psi. 

● Cleats, sport shoes, and high heels can dent any surface, remove shoes before walking on spc.

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