What are the Different Textures?

What are the Different Textures?

What are the Different Textures?

Posted June 30, 2023

Texturing is one of the last steps in the production process. Texturing is created when the wearlayer is heated and pressed into a pattern either the same as the decor film or different than the decor film depending on the amount of slip resistance and the look that is being created.   

Texture can make a huge difference in the design choices of a home or business. For instance, if you’re designing a kitchen or bath you may want to consider a Travertine instead of Smooth finish for added slip resistance.

Another thing to keep in mind is preference, some people want to get Embossed while others may rather get Embossed In Register for a more realistic look of real wood.

As with any feature (wearlayer thickness, overall thickness, added UV coatings, pad material & thicknesses, etc.) the cost goes up with each enhanced feature. 

Embossed = Standard 

EIR = Better

Cathedral = Best

Smooth = Standard Tile

Travertine (Orange Peel Look) = Enhanced Tile

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