Why Variety?

Why Variety?

Why Variety?

Posted April 22, 2023

What is the difference in variety?

Low Variety- Uniform color tones throughout the entire item number, not a lot of variety, stays consistent.

Medium Variety- Some variation between 2-3 different color tones, within the same item number, some variations create depth but keep the same color theme throughout. Dark brown & deep red / dark brown & light brown / maple & medium brown.

High Variety- Great differences between 3 or more colors within the same item number. Can be very dark in some places and very light in others.

Why HIGH variety?

What are the PROS of high variety?

  • High variety flooring can create a striking statement piece for your home.
  • The extensive patterning can help hide scuff marks in high traffic areas.

What are the CONS of high variety?

  • The high patterning design is not for everyone, it can be overcoming for some people.
  • The heavy patterning can take some designing and creativity to make it lay flatteringly.

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